What are the main Optical Mark Reader uses? There are many different scenarios in which data needs to be captured, processed and reported as information. Just like the Swiss Army knife is a tool, and is found to be useful in a variety of situations, so too are the products and services provided by Beacon EDGE. Everyday uses for our Optical Mark Readers, OCR, ICR, image and forms processing systems are:


such as multiple choice question (MCQ), true/false and extended matching assessments, as well as Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE) and Objective Structured Practical Exams (OSPE).

Student or Learner Revision

such as setting mini tests, either paper based or online, for students at the end of modules, sections or terms to ensure that learning outcomes are being met


such as staff, patients, students and customers, are allowing you to really gauge the temperature with anonymous or personalized feedback.


such as trainees, apprentices or new members of staff, who need to demonstrate ongoing and time bound learning in areas like Health and Safety, core skills, product knowledge, HR issues and legal positioning.

Patient Records

such as pre-operative and post-operative care feedback, outpatient and day surgery forms, authorization records and clinical notes.

Customer Data

such as insurance forms, white goods forms, application forms and a host of other personal information gathering.

Research Studies – such as detailed health studies, opinion research, social studies, psychology monitoring and medicinal trials.

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