Surveys and Evaluations

Surveys are incredibly important tools for any business or organization. Without them, you do not know how customers feel about doing business with you, apart from the ones who call or write in to complain! You don’t know about motivation or morale levels among your employees or colleagues. You won’t know what your students think about your instructors, material or environment. In fact, you will be left to your own subjective evaluation of how things are, as opposed to a more objective assessment of how things really are.

If done well, a regular survey of customers, staff and students will be worth its weight in gold. There are plenty of other competing busineses, employers and education providers waiting to take your customers, staff and students at a moment’s notice. There is a phrase which says, ‘ignorance is no excuse.’ In today’s working environment, and with the technology available to capture feedback from so many diverse channels, this phrase was never truer.

With the design of questionnaires and surveys made far simpler than it used to be, and the ability to publish them quickly on paper forms or online, the scope for capturing quality feedback is massive. A survey that is quick to fill in, easy to submit by the responder and uncomplicated is ideally what should be created. Beacon EDGE have many years of experience helping customers design and publish surveys, as well as capture the data from the submitted feedback and then reporting meaningful information.

One key aspect of feedback is the issue of anonymity, or the right of the responder not to be identified. Take care to state clearly at the beginning of any survey or questionnaire if the responder can be identified, or whether they will remain anonymous. Seeking opinions about the performance of employees or instructors is an area which many people would find uncomfortable without the assurance of anonymity. Response rates to personal opinion surveys often fall dramatically in working environments if there is the potential for identification from a survey response.

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