MDS- 3000C Document Scanner pakistanMDS-3000-C
High Speed Document Scanner


– Fast Speed
– Deep Hopper
– Smart Design
– High Daily Duty Cycle
– Durable Structure
– Reliable Working
– Permanent Light Source
– RGB Color Dropout


The fast speed of MDS-3000C will increase the efficiency of scanning work in your office. 90ppm measured in usb 2.0 port looks really speedy among your possible selections. The speed can be increased about 10% more if met with a high quality software. The good feeding condition, the long lifetime, the high daily duty cycle and its compact size form the main charactersitic of MDS-3000C. The long paper scanning is possible up to 800mm(A4) or 2,000mm(check size). The superior paper jam detection system of MIRU is enforced with ultra sonic sensor. MDS-3000C has the deep hopper(500 papers) and the well designed stacker which can file up the scanned papers in an orderly manner. MDS-3000C has the various kinds of options – MICR Reader, Endorser, Imprinter and UV/IR sensor. By selecting MDS-3000C, you can have a reliable and fast document scanner which increases productivity in document scanning work.

Fast Speed of MDS-3000C

When considering the scan speed of MDS-3000C(90ppm/180ipm, 200dpi, A4, in portrait) and its price range simultaneously, MDS-3000C is one of the best in speed. And stop of machine by paper jam does not occur easily. The scan speed of a high speed document scanner is apt to be slowed by SCSI port than by usb port. But the addressed scan speed of a MIRU document is measured by usb 2.0 port. Furthermore, there is few case that the scan speed of MDS-3000C gets slowed less than the addressed scan speed. It can be rather increased up to about 10% more by a high quality application software.

Durable Document Scanner

When we tell you MDS-3000C is a durable document scanner, it has 3 facets. First, the allowed daily scan volume is very high(60,000 papers per day in A4). Second, the feeding condition is so good to scan from onion skin paper to thick card. Thrid, you will need little help of technical service provider during its lifetime. The 3 kinds of durability comes from the unique design and the special feeding system of MDS-3000C.

Large Hopper Capacity

The depth of hopper is 50mm. It stores about 500 papers.

Smart Design

MDS-3000C is compact sized and welll designed. All options includong MICR Reader, Endorser, Imprinter and UV/IR sensor can be installed inside machine tall ogether.

Long Paper Scan Function

MDS-3000C has the long paper scan function. It can scan up to 800mm of A4(or letter size) paper or 2,000mm of check size paper.

Various Kinds of Options

Endorser(printed post scanning) can print time, name and the other simple information on the front and/or back side of each document in long characters. Imprinter can stamp company logo or a sophisticated characters. MICR Reader can read both E-13B font and CMC-7 font and stores the txt file into C drive automatically. UV/IR sensor can be added to detect fake document. OCR/OMR/IMR/Barcode reading is possible by application software.


Scan Mode Simplex & Duplex Scanning
Document Size 70mm~Letter Size (A4)
Document thickness 0.05~0.2mm
ADF Capacity 50mm (500Sheets/Normal paper)
Light Source CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)
Scanning Element CCD (Charge Coupled Device)
Data Output B/W,Halftone, 16/256Gray, Color
Scan Speeds “A4(B/W,16/256Gray 200DPI) 90PPM
Resolution 100/200/300/400/600 dpi
Double Feed
Ultrasonic Sensor
Color Drop Function RGB Drop
Interface USB 2.0
(W× H× D)
Weight 16kg
sources of electricity 110VAC, 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Option Imprinter(Inkjet), MICR reader, UV/IR,Stamp, MIE(Miru Image Enhancement)