EZData® OMR Scanner

Optical Mark Read (OMR) Technology

The new EZData™ optical mark read (OMR) scanner MCQ from Scantron is designed for low-volume data collection projects that require accurate results, immediate feedback, and cost effective processing. When space is at a premium, the small scanner size (5.5 inches x 5.5 inches) offers portability and overall convenience. Moreover, as an extension to the existing line of Scantron Scanners, EZData scanner users can count on an extensive support program.

The EZData scanner offers users a small, portable, and efficient data collection solution. It is ideal for low-volume, Scanning quick Data collection for Exam marking Evaluation projects.

Standard Features
EZData Scanner

Small size measures 5.5″ by 5.5″
Handles forms 3.25″ by between 3.25″ and 14″
Accommodates 25 to 30 hand fed forms per minute
Uses a standard RS232 or USB computer connection
Indicates readiness with red/green LED light
Single-side read head tilts up for easy cleaning
Supported within ScanTools® Plus and ScanTools Plus Link SDK

Ideal for:

  • Classroom testing
    Customer satisfaction surveys
    Course evaluations
    Climate surveys
    Instructor evaluations
    Conference evaluations
    Skills testing
    Quality inspections
    Training and development surveys