The iNSIGHT™ 30 from Scantron is an industry exclusive: a desktop model scanner combining high-quality, high-speed, full-color Document Imaging technology with the proven Data Collection capabilities and accuracy of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). In developing this innovative technology, Scantron has applied over 50 years of engineering, forms design, applications development and customer support experience to ensure our customer’s success.

Whenever you need the speed and accuracy of OMR along with the productivity and flexibility of Document Imaging, theiNSIGHT 30 is the right solution for you. The advanced technology offers genuine versatility at a lower cost of ownership than owning separate hardware. Due to its unique blend of capabilities, the iNSIGHT 30 is well positioned to address demanding applications such as testing, surveys, attendance, grading, student portfolios, personnel records, archival, and general back file conversions.


Data Collection is the process of reading marks from a printed form (e.g. tests, surveys, ballots, etc.) and converting it to ASCII data. The iNSIGHT 30 accurately scans the form for data while our Scantools Plus™ software controls the scanning process and stores the data that is read. The scanner and software work together reading up to 3600 sheet per hour.
The iNSIGHT 30 scanner can read written marks (such as bubbles, check marks, tick marks) and bar codes. It can also scan grayscale images for digital storage and, with the addition of NestorReader software (available separately), it can read machine print and handprint using RealTime Character Recognition.


Data Collection Features

  • Includes Scantools Plus and ScanFlex data collection software, assuring accurate resolution, recognition, data formatting and the flexibility to scan forms you may have printed locally on plain paper
  • Integrates sixteen level mark discrimination technology to ensure correct data capture results
  • Provides 8-bit, 256 grayscale levels and 200 dpi images
  • Allows you to capture, name and archive image clips (TIFF, JPEG)
  • Software recognizes bar codes
  • Processes machine and hand print data with the optional RealTime Character Recognition utilizing NestorReader software
  • Reads both pen and pencil forms
  • Maintains software compatibility with existing ScanTools applications


Document Imaging is the process of scanning paper documents and converting them to digital images. We know that the documents you work with aren’t always the perfect size, shape or quality for scanning. That is what makes the iNSIGHT 30 perfect for your scanning needs.

It can effortlessly handle everything from small card stock to long print-outs and, in a single batch, transport sheets of multiple sizes and thickness. After scanning, with one-click you can select the format of the scanned image, the resolution, the file type, and the destination of the resulting file using the Click&Scan software.


Document Imaging Features

  • Includes Click&Scan software which offers one-click functionality to send documents to file, email, printers, fax printers and desktop applications
  • Scans documents up to 863 mm (34 in.) long and thicknesses ranging from onionskin to card stock
  • Utilizes TWAIN Driver (included)
  • Output resolutions from 75 to 1200 dpi
  • Scans at speeds up to 75 ppm
  • Simultaneous black&white and color/grayscale image output
  • Save files in TIFF, JPEG, RTF and PDF formats
  • Optional post-scan document imprinter prints audit information directly on the document with no speed degradation
  • Supported by Scantron’s extensive services organization to ensure maximum uptime and customer satisfaction


Scanning Technology Dual CCD/Grayscale output bit depth is 256 levels (8-bit) Color capture bit depth is 48 bits (16 x 3); color output bit depth is 24 bits (8 x 3).
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Multi-feed Detection With ultrasonic technology
Connectivity USB 2.0
Bundled Software TWAIN Drivers; Click&Scan; ScanTools Plus
Electrical Requirements 100-240 V (International); 50/60 Hz; universal power supply included
Power Consumption Sleep Mode < 4 Watts; Running: < 60 Watts
Environmental Factors Energy Star qualified scanner
Operating temperature: 15-35° C (59-95° F)
Operating humidity: 15-76 percent relative humidity
Acoustical Noise (operator position sound pressure level) Standby mode: <32 dB(A)
Operating mode: <65 dB(A)
Physical Description 26″x 24″ x 14″ operational, 13″x 24″X 14″ storage foot print. Weight: 23 lbs (10.4 kg).
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP SP2; Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)


Throughput Up to 3600 Sheets per hour
Read Heads 200 dots per inch (DPI) resolution, up to 256 levels of grayscale per pixel. Pencil and ink read capabilities
Forms 2.5″ x 5.5″ to 9″ x 14″ (60-100 lb. Offset), Uses both Mark Reflex and Trans-Optic forms. Pencil and ink forms may be used.
Feeder Capacity 90 sheets, 90 g/m2 (24 lb bond, 60 lb Offset)
Spacing’s supported .166, .166 48 cell, .200 inline, .200 offset, .200 line read, and .300 line read
Barcode Standard – Software read through ScanTools
Bundled Software ScanTools Plus


Throughput (200 dpi, landscape, letter size, black and white/grayscale/color) Up to 75 page per minute / 150 images per minute
Image output Black and white, grayscale (8 bit), color (24 bit)
Output resolution 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 and 1200 dpi
Maximum Document size 297 mm x 863 mm (11.7 in. x 34 in.)
Minimum document size 64 mm x 89 mm (2.5 in. x 3.5 in.)
Imprinter Post-scan document imprinter (Ink cartridge carrier and ink cartridge sold separately)
Paper Thickness and Weight 34-413 g/m2 (9-110 lb.) paper
Feeder Capacity Up to 150 sheets of 60 g/m2 (16 lb.) paper
Bundled Software TWAIN driver, Click & Scan
File Format Outputs Single and multi-page TIFF, JPEG, RTF, PDF


PC Hardware

For documents up to 14 in. (356 mm) long at 400 dpi:

  • Pentium® processor, 2 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) minimum, 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB hard drive with minimum 20GB available hard disk space.
  • When using a PC running the Windows 7 operating system, at least 3 GB RAM is required.
  • For longer documents/higher resolutions: Pentium® processor, 2 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) minimum, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB hard drive with minimum 20GB available hard disk space.
  • Monitor should be 1024 x 768 or higher resolution.

Operating Systems

  • Windows® 7, 32-bit and 64-bit Editions.
  • Windows® XP Professional SP3 or greater.
  • All Windows hot fixes for the service pack must also be installed.