QuickScore II™

Instructors can have automated test scoring, immediate reporting results and data exporting quicker and more efficiently than ever before – All in one package. QuickScore II can be used as a stand-alone, simplified scoring application or as a companion to ParScore for Windows, which also allows you to score tests without access to the ParScore roster – Increasing functionality and performance options dramatically.


  • Collect data using Scantron’s ParScore or custom scannable forms
  • Score up to 26 versions of an exam with up to 26 responses per item
  • Print raw score, total score, and date directly on the answer form
  • Produce a variety of reports including individual test, answer key, class response, item analysis, score distribution reports, and more
  • When using a scanner with an output bin and reject hopper, forms containing errors can be easily separated for rescanning
  • Provides immediate feedback