ScanTools® Plus Software

It’s easy to import scanned data into other software

ScanTools Plus utility software is the right solution for organizations that want to use our OMR or image scanners to import data into their own software—like patient record and student information systems or even data-intensive spreadsheets.

With ScanTools Plus you determine how the data on a scan form—whether it’s image data or traditional bubble responses—is read, edited, and prepared for output so that your application can handle the data with ease. Scanned data can be imported into virtually any application, from large information systems to desktop applications like Microsoft® Excel®.

ScanTools Plus is menu driven so that it is easy to set up the scanner interface for your specific application. Using point-and-click controls, you can quickly define the data collection areas on a standard or custom scan form and specify the format and location for the output file.

ScanTools Plus Features

  • Capture both OMR data and image data on one pass through your Scantron image scanner.
  • Define unique edit criteria each time you scan
  • Add constants to each record
  • Set output file location and format for easy import into application software
  • Score while you’re scanning (if you’re scanning a test document)
  • Batch score by appending data to your original scan file
  • Save your scan profile for reuse at a later date

Additional Features for Image Applications

  • Capture full- and partial-page images in either bi-tone or grayscale for importing into other programs
  • Switch between reading pencil and ink forms with a simple software selection
  • Identify images areas on forms to “clip” and archive for later retrieval – ideal for capturing signatures, short answers, and “show your work areas” on tests
  • Capture numeric handprint and machine print data from forms.
  • Display images of forms and correct data sheet-by-sheet as it passes through the scanner
  • Edit drop-out ink documents using template document overlays
  • Control the light source for iNSIGHT scanners

ScanFlex™: a Flexible Option for Scanning Plain Paper Forms

ScanFlex™, an optional module available for ScanTools Plus software, enables an iNSIGHT 2/4 scanner to scan forms you may have printed locally on plain paper. The ScanFlex option provides the flexibility needed to scan slight irregularities on the forms you print. The power behind ScanFlex is its flexibility—it finds and adjusts to timing marks and response positions so that data on forms can be located and recognized accurately.

Custom Programming

We provide a full suite of consulting services for ScanTools Plus software, including custom application development and user exit programming for Microsoft Windows® operating systems. To get quotations for programming and consulting services,

System Requirements

ScanTools Plus software requires the use of Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 4, or Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2. Supported compilers are:

  • MS Visual Studio.NET 2003
  • MS Visual C++.NET

Embed OMR or Image Data into Your Software

Seamlessly embed ScanTools Plus software into your application software using the 32-bit ScanTools Plus Link software development kit (SDK). With this COM (component object model) software development tool, your end users will never know you have launched ScanTools Plus to collect data.

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