Scantron® DesignExpert

easily create and personalize your scannable forms

Scantron DesignExpert is a form design software that is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Design and print your scannable forms quickly and easily with the Scantron DesignExpert software. This robust software package allows you to design scannable forms for both OMR (optical mark recognition) and image-based forms processing applications.

DesignExpert Benefits

  • Reduce your design time
  • Make changes in minutes
  • Speed up the approval process
  • Save on composition costs
  • Design cut sheets, continuous forms, multi-part forms, and booklets

DesignExpert Printing Options

  • With Scantron’s DesignExpert software’s local laser printer feature, you can print your design on our standard form (recommended for print quantities under 1000 forms.)
  • For larger volumes, send your design to Scantron for expert printing on our high-speed offset presses.
  • Using this robust forms design software and your database, you can personalize both local laser-printed and Scantron-printed scannable forms with names, addresses, ID codes, and more. Personalized documents increase data accuracy, improve user response, and save time.